.429 caliber 265gr Wide Flat Nose Lead-Free Dangerous Game Solid 50/bx


Lehigh Defense 04429265SP Wide Flat Nose 44 Mag .429 265 gr Wide Flat Nose

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The concept of a Wide Flat Nose (WFN) projectile is nothing new or groundbreaking but it does leave room for improvement. It is a proven projectile design that has been around for many years and has successfully been utilized by hunters all over the world who demand deep and straight-line penetration for their hunt. Lehigh Defense has taken this proven technology and incorporated it into our very own lineup of improved WFN’s made of solid copper.

Lead has a very high density and does a great job at penetrating deep but it lacks any real structural integrity. Lead is quite soft especially when compared to copper. Our solid copper WFN line of projectiles have a tensile strength of 10-20x greater than conventional lead projectiles. This massive increase in strength allows our WFNs to punch through the hardest of bone with little to no deformation which nearly eliminates the possibility of deflection due to the projectile deforming.

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Weight 2.000 lbs
Dimensions 4.880 × 3.250 × 2.120 in



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44 Mag








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