DIESET 2 338 LAPUA .338


Hornady 546393 Custom Grade Series III 2 Die Set for 338 Lapua Mag Includes Sizing Seater

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The Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Series III Rifle 2-Die Set represents the finest in machined craftsmanship. Articulated details offer more precise reloading by offering easier adjustments better alignment and smoother functioning. For slightly less popular cartridgesWith one of the finest internal finishes in the industry Hornady Custom Grade and Match Grade Dies provide a lifetime of reloading. They’re so well crafted that they’re guaranteed never to break or wear out from normal use.

The Zip Spindle design on all full length size dies positively locks to eliminate slippage. A series of light threads cut on both the spindle and spindle collet allows you to make incremental adjustments by turning the spindle or you can easily zip up or down for larger movements.

  • Two die set: size die and bullet seater die
  • A second tier of bottleneck rifle cartridges.
  • Smooth Finish
  • Lock Rings with Wrench Flats
  • Elliptical Expander
  • Seater Adjustment Screw
  • Retainer Ring
  • In-line Bullet Seating System
  • Built-in Crimper
  • Easy Access Die Boxes

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Dimensions 7.310 × 4.810 × 1.810 in





338 Lapua


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