For enthusiasts of 1911 pistols, optimizing the functionality and ergonomics is a priority. 

Among the various upgrades available, the extended slide release offers a significant improvement in the handling and operation of these iconic handguns. 

We discuss the benefits, considerations, and installation process of extended slide releases for these firearms, providing enthusiasts with the information they need to make an informed decision about this upgrade.

Understanding the Role of the Slide Release in 1911 Pistols

The slide release, crucial for 1911 pistol operation, serves specific functions that enhance the firearm’s performance:

  • Retention and Release. It locks the slide back when the magazine is empty and releases it forward to chamber a round when pressed, facilitating faster reloads.
  • Manual Operation. Allows shooters to manually operate the slide for inspection or cleaning without discharging the firearm.
  • Accessibility Improvement. An extended slide release improves access, enabling shooters to operate the mechanism without adjusting their grip, crucial for quick action scenarios.

Get to Know The Extended Slide Release

This component’s design and functionality are essential for the efficient and safe handling of 1911 pistols, underlining the importance of understanding its role for any enthusiast or professional user.

The Extended Slide Release for the 1911 from Franklin Three is an enhanced part designed to allow the user’s right thumb to easily actuate the slide release with minimal grip change, which can significantly speed up the shooting process. 

Compatible with both 1911 and Springfield Prodigy DS models (with slight modifications), this product is offered by Wilson Combat and aims to improve functionality and efficiency for shooters. 

The Benefits of an Extended Slide Release for 1911 Pistols

Upgrading to an extended slide release brings several advantages. Firstly, it enhances accessibility. 

Shooters can more easily engage and disengage the slide release without altering their grip on the firearm. 

This is particularly beneficial in competitive shooting scenarios or situations where speed and efficiency are paramount. 

Additionally, an extended slide release can improve the overall shooting experience by making the operation of the pistol smoother and more intuitive.

Selecting the Right Extended Slide Release

When choosing an extended slide release for 1911 pistols, consider the following to ensure satisfaction:

  • Compatibility. Verify the extended slide release fits your specific 1911 model. Not all are universally compatible.
  • Manufacturer Reputation. Opt for products from well-regarded brands to guarantee quality and reliability.
  • Extension Length. Evaluate the length of the extension to ensure it matches your ergonomic needs without being obtrusive.
  • Texture and Design. Look for a slide release with a texture that provides grip without snagging on clothing or holsters.
  • Feedback from Users. Reading reviews can offer insights into the performance and any potential issues with the slide release.

Selecting thoughtfully ensures the upgrade enhances your firearm’s performance and handling.

Installation Considerations

Installing an extended slide release on a 1911 pistol is a straightforward process that most gun owners can accomplish with basic tools. 

However, it’s important to approach the installation with care, as improper fitting could affect the firearm’s safety and functionality. 

For those uncomfortable with DIY modifications, consulting a professional gunsmith is a prudent choice to ensure that the upgrade is performed correctly.

Training and Adaptation

After upgrading to an extended slide release, shooters may need a period of adjustment to become accustomed to the new setup. 

Training and practice are essential to integrate the extended slide release into one’s muscle memory, ensuring that its benefits are fully realized. 

This period of adaptation also provides an opportunity to verify that the upgrade does not interfere with other aspects of shooting, such as drawing from a holster or engaging other controls on the pistol.

Upgrading Your 1911

For 1911 pistol owners, upgrading to an extended slide release can significantly improve their firearm’s handling and functionality. 

This upgrade by Fraklin Three caters to the needs of competitive shooters and everyday enthusiasts by offering easier access and smoother operation. 

With careful selection and proper installation, the extended slide release can be a valuable addition to the 1911 pistol, enhancing the shooting experience without compromising the firearm’s integrity or safety.

When considering an upgrade like the extended slide release, the benefits must be weighed against personal preferences and shooting styles. 

Like any modification to a firearm, what works well for one shooter may not be ideal for another. 

Ultimately, the goal of upgrading a 1911 pistol with an extended slide release or any other accessory should be to create a more efficient, comfortable, and personalized shooting experience.

Photo by Thomas Tucker on Unsplash