For many gun enthusiasts, reloading ammo is a rewarding hobby. It’s a great way to customize cartridges for your specific firearm and shooting style, potentially leading to better accuracy and performance.

Having the proper equipment can make a significant difference.

The best reloading accessories can streamline your process, boost precision, and even save you money in the long run.

This guide explores the essential reloading accessories for both beginners and experienced reloaders.

Must-Have Gear for Every Reloader

Every reloading bench needs a solid foundation of quality reloading supplies. Let’s look at what you need to get started:

Reloading Scale

A reliable reloading scale is best for pinpointing powder and bullet weights accurately. For the best results, look for a digital scale measuring at least a tenth of a grain.


These handy tools let you measure various parts of your casings and bullets, ensuring they meet reloading specifications. Digital calipers are easy to read and offer increased accuracy.

Case Trimmer

Over time, brass casings can stretch when fired. A case trimmer helps you trim these casings to a uniform length, which is important for consistent bullet seating depth and pressure.

Reloading Dies

Reloading dies resize spent casings, remove the old primers, and seat new bullets. Invest in a good set specifically made for the caliber you plan to reload.

Reloading Press

The reloading press is your setup’s workhorse. It provides the leverage to perform various reloading tasks, like resizing casings and seating bullets.

Choose a press that matches your needs and reload volume.

Reload Like a Pro

Once you’ve got the basics down, consider adding advanced reloading tools to your bench. These can further improve your reloading experience and fine-tune your ammunition for maximum performance.

  • Case Lube and Sizing Die Lubricator. Proper lubrication is the secret to smooth resizing. It also helps prevent damage to casings. A case lube and sizing die lubricator can streamline this process and ensure consistent results.
  • Powder Measure. A dedicated powder measure throws consistent gunpowder charges, minimizing the risk of overloads or underloads affecting accuracy and safety.
  • Case Collator. A case collator sorts and organizes your spent casings by headstamp, saving you time and frustration when sorting brass for reloading.
  • Bullet Comparator. A bullet comparator lets you accurately measure the overall length of your loaded cartridges, ensuring they meet specifications and feed reliably through your firearm.

Safety First: Reloading Safety Equipment

Safety is always the top priority when reloading ammunition. Here are some essential reloading safety equipment items to include in your setup.

  • Safety Glasses. Always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris during reloading.
  • Hearing Protection. The reloading press can generate loud noises. Wearing hearing protection helps prevent hearing damage.
  • Fire extinguisher. Keep a readily accessible fire extinguisher near your reloading bench in case of emergencies.
  • Reloading Manuals. Reloading manuals provide specific data and instructions for reloading different calibers. Always follow the recommended loads and procedures to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Investing in Quality Reloading Supplies Pays Off

High-quality reloading accessories may seem like an upfront investment, but they offer significant benefits in the long run.

  • Reload Faster. The right tools can accelerate your reloading process, allowing you to produce more ammunition in less time.
  • Shoot Tighter. Accurate measurements and consistent techniques lead to more precise ammunition, potentially leading to tighter shot groups and improved accuracy at the range.
  • Save Money on Ammo. Over time, reloading your own ammunition can save you money compared to buying factory-loaded ammo. High-quality reloading tools are less likely to need frequent replacement, further reducing your reloading costs.
  • Enjoy Reloading More. A well-equipped reloading bench makes the reloading process more enjoyable. Spend less time wrestling with equipment and more time crafting high-quality ammunition for your next shooting adventure.

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