For serious reloaders and target shooters, accuracy is everything.

Every aspect of the reloading process needs to be precise, from selecting the right powder to meticulously measuring components.

Yet, have you considered the impact of the case mouth on your bullet’s performance?

The RCBS VLD deburring tool is a simple yet effective tool that can significantly improve bullet performance and optimize bullet accuracy with VLD deburring.

What is the RCBS VLD Deburring Tool?

The RCBS VLD deburring tool is a specialized tool designed to address a common issue with reloading – deburring casings for very low drag (VLD) bullets.

Traditional case trimming and chamfering tools can leave a sharp edge on the inside of the case mouth. This sharp edge can shave or damage the base of the VLD bullet during seating, affecting its aerodynamic profile and potentially impacting accuracy.

The RCBS VLD deburring tool features a unique 22-degree angle that specifically addresses this concern.

It gently removes any burrs or sharp edges from the inside of the case mouth, creating a smooth surface for the VLD bullet to sit against.

Benefits of Using the RCBS VLD Deburring Tool

  • Improved Bullet Performance. By eliminating the sharp edge inside the case mouth, the VLD deburring tool helps to preserve the bullet’s ballistics and aerodynamic profile. This can lead to tighter shot groups and improved long-range accuracy.
  • Enhanced Bullet Consistency. A smooth seating surface ensures consistent bullet seating depth, crucial for consistent bullet performance.
  • Reduced Bullet Damage. The tool minimizes the risk of shaving or damaging the bullet base during seating, which can adversely affect accuracy and potentially cause safety hazards.
  • Faster Reloading. The RCBS VLD deburring tool is a quick and easy-to-use tool that can streamline your reloading process.

Who Should Use the RCBS VLD Deburring Tool?

The RCBS VLD deburring tool is a valuable addition to any reloader’s bench, but it’s particularly beneficial for those who:

  • Reload VLD Bullets. As the name suggests, this tool is specifically designed for very low-drag bullets. They are known for their long, pointed profile and sensitivity to seating surfaces.
  • Prioritize Accuracy. Are you a target shooter or competition reloader who demands the utmost precision from your ammunition? Then, the VLD deburring tool can help you achieve tighter groups.
  • Reload for Long-Range Shooting. Even minor inconsistencies in bullet performance can be magnified in long-range shooting. The VLD deburring tool helps ensure bullets perform optimally at extended distances.

Using the RCBS VLD Deburring Tool

The RCBS VLD deburring tool is easy to use and can be incorporated into your existing reloading process.

Here’s a basic overview:

  1. After trimming and chamfering your cases, use the VLD deburring tool to insert and gently twist it inside the case mouth.
  2. The tool will remove any burrs or sharp edges, creating a smooth seating surface for the bullet.
  3. Follow your usual reloading procedures for seating the VLD bullet.

Safety Considerations

Always follow safe reloading practices when using any reloading tool.

Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from debris and ensure you use the correct reloading data for your specific caliber and components.

Sharpen Your Shots!

The RCBS VLD deburring tool is a small investment that can yield significant results in terms of accuracy and bullet performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned reloader or just starting with VLD bullets, this tool is a valuable addition to your reloading bench.

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